Cannabis Culture's Jodie Emery vs. Sun TV's Michael Coren

POT TV - Marijuana activist Jodie Emery appears on Michael Coren's Sun TV show for a fiery debate on marijuana use and drug prohibition.

Michael's opening rant was full of misleading half-truths and his "facts" in the debate should be fact-checked – but Jodie managed to set him straight.

Fact check #1: The chart on this page (from Sun TV, no less) shows 28,183 marijuana arrests for possession in just 2011!

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Jody, you are perfect

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Jodie you are the perfect spokesperson for our cause. You're the perfect image of a "pot head" ;) to portray to the public. Not only did you speak eloquently you also were so calm addressing his ignorant points. Please keep getting on the news more.

This guy is the epitome of an

This guy is the epitome of an uninformed news broadcaster. I think if they are going to set out to do these extremely bias view from a person closer to my grandpa age they should atleast be more informed on the cannabis subject. Until then they have Harpor/Hitler views which shows just how controled they really are. Our news from Canada is one big joke anyways so people like this have zero effect on what I know and think. They just make themselves look like fools on TV the man is/was a fool .

This guy needs to get cancer.

This guy needs to get cancer. Then be cured by cannabis like my uncle was from pancreatic cancer... Then maybe he could figure it out.

Bullies do what bullies do!

You're right this guy is not a reporter nor an interviewer he's, plain and simple, a bully! I was going to say a simpleton but that would be too simple for this type of life form. To my calculations he spoke 75 to 80% of the time; thats not an interview, it's bullying?

You want to find out what this bully and his audience is all about and why he works at the Sun, then look up 'Right Wing Authoritarians and their Followers' (RWA) and you'll see how people like him prosper in life.

Can you folks now understand why these people are trying to shut down real journalism at the CBC!

His Job

His job is not to conduct interviews his job is propagandize against cannabis legalization.

I'm glad he is against people going to jail for non-violent offenses, but otherwise he is truly a fucktard.

Keep up the good work Jodie!

Keep up the good work Jodie! Greetings from Croatia!!!

Queen Jodie!

As I expected, Michael Coren comes across as a pompous idiot. Jodie came across as a very intelligent enlightened compassionate person. It is maddening to watch the way Michael asks a question then rudely interrupts before the question is answered. I'm sure he does so as a tactic to increase his odds of winning the debate. I think the majority of us are intelligent enough to see through it though! Coren is clueless, and Jodie is royalty!

Michael Coren interview

Unbelievable that Mr. Coren could be so totally in the dark as to the truth. Even scarier than his ridiculous position is the fact that someone, (Sun TV) thinks he should even be on the air!! Let's hope that the Canadian people, when given the opportunity to hear the whole truth, can rejoice and make the right decision.

I find it halarious that this

I find it halarious that this old man does not even realise he is on TV just so people that are not so ignorant and generally unintelligent, laugh at what a fool he makes of himself. Just be happy you were born with a brain and know how to use it. There are so many mentally handicapped people, such as Mr. Coren, out there and they just cant help it.

You can fix broken, but but unfortunately you cant fix stupid.

The sad part is that there

The sad part is that there are thousands of people who actually believe this guy. He is probably on Sensible BC right now. props to you Jodie.



This was more of a Coren monologue of fallacies than an interview. He just tried to use you as a punching bag. You never wavered, you were calm, cool, collected and PERFECTLY polite and reasonable in the face of an IDIOT!

I posted on his twitter, quite politely, and he immediately blocked me, also. Why can't he have a civilized debate with the ones being civilized? He gets called names by a few childish users and blocks all? COWARD!

Keep on keepin on ;)

Mike, you are so ill-informed and your facts are somewhat askew. First off never trust what a teacher says because I sold plenty of Cannabis to my teachers through the years, if it wasnt for their cookie cutter teaching template that they downloaded off the internet(shush you know its true) they probably wouldnt remember what they were doing, and get off the health bandwagon already, all of us choose to do bad things to ourselves all the time; All of us. Thank you Jodie and Marc for all you have done. Here in Washington without earlier pioneers in Cannabis we would not have been able to grow(npi) and evolve as a state like we have. We are so close.


Who is this fucking idiot? Is he trying to be the effeminate Bill O'Reilly or something? Not sure why Jodie would waste her time talking to this moron.



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