Global News: The USA tells Canada Just Say "No" To Marijuaa Legalization


Worried about the Canadian Senate Comittee findings about the harmlessness of marijuana and the possibility of marijuana legalization in Canada, the US Drug Czar has threatened trade sanctions against Canada unless the Amerikan style War on Drugs is enforced.


The U.S does it again! Well, there is one consolation regarding the trade sactions: if we legalize marijuana, the increase to tourism might help balance the books against whatever action the U.S takes.

some one musta got stoned, and forgot to load the video....

Canada should tell the us to sod off in action and in words..The us auto industry is so well ensconced in Canada the unions will not let a catastrophe happend. Grow more bud!!

an excellent and exciting piece of (new) news... damn fuckin usa..... growup

It's not BC Bud that the US gov't is afraid of. They're afraid of the revolution that would take place in the US if Canada loosened its MJ laws. It would put a spotlight on the irrationality of current US policy and the they would be forced to change too.

The US Drug Policy Advisor said Canada will antagonize the US if we "insist on moving toward a radical drug policy." The def'n of "radical": to take a long time seriously looking at the facts about marijuana and then to tell the truth about what you find.

Boycott Amerika!

I've had it! Put up a fuckin fence, gaurd it with as many men as you want, drink your own water, put the rest of your citizens in jail, blow up more buildings to cover up your legit crimes BUT STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

Great!! Great!! This is Awsome news!! Legalize canada for the sake of freedom and it will all fall!! If you do I will visit your contry and bring my $$$$$ Guaranteed!! Canadas time is now!! Because you are the great white north, with green heart!!

The plot thickens...this is getting good. The whole 'botched' grow show in Flin Flon is just a smoke screen ordered from Uncle doubt some of that weed is more than good...lets not kid ourselves we're under their thumb as Mick would say...

As soon as I get my engineering degree, I'm outta this shitty country that they call the "land of the free and the home of the brave"

talk about state sponsored terrorism

big brother wants to teach us a lesson to late hahahahahahahaha we do not need you will join cuba any day of the week and stand proud

Only $$$ talks! In fact, it squaks! All the freedom loving folks of Amerika need to boycott Amerika and come to Canada NOW! Shake the dust off your shoes. You will NEVER be free again, unless you oppose tyranny with ACTION. Flee the Beast!

Money just doesn't talk, it squawks! Hit the pocket-book nerve by boycotting Amerika! Amerika has gone totally FASCIST!! NORML and all theo other drug reform groups need to SPLIT! I'm serious! The wise spilt from Germany. Prohibition = FASCISM!

The US are like bully kids on the schoolground. When will they wake up. The war was lost long ago when we all started growing our own.

Hey amerikan POW's come to Canada and enjoy the taste of freedom. Curious George and his oily friends can go and threaten countries that give a fuck.

The US Spokesman looks like a skeleton with a comb-over. Funny how the prohibitionists are so scary looking, Betty Sembler, Lynda Bental. John Ashcroft, Nancy Reagan, etc. Bush is the anti-christ 666,

This is disgusting! We are heart beats away from legalization and the only thing stopping us is the bullies to the south. I pray that Canada will show some dignity and make the right choice instead of the economical one.

Considering how much we Canadians hate the Americains telling us what to do how come this has not raised more response from Canadians? I saw the interview on Global but not on CTV, CBC, or CityTV, why? Every Canadian should see this!!!

Ha! Did you see the cop dusting the bulb for prints? All growers know to never put your oily fingers or hands on a bulb! This is some sick government machine we have here in the US. Canadians MUST pressure their govt. not to give in!!

I mean, this IS a direct challenge to Canada's sovereignty! My (U.S.) government needs to account for this irrational behavior. The incredible "threat" that my government feels from MJ, needs to be publicly and internationally analyzed and debated.

Even with the u.s. sanctioning Canada, in the long run it would be 100 percent more economical for Canada to legalize pot!!!!!!

I hope you all die soon with no medicine so you suffer a long painfull death, you earned it !

allen rock sucks the american cock.

We'd save billions in health costs, billions more in wasted justice resources and gain still more billions from taxes, tourism and increased trade with Holland. I say the Yanks can go clone themselves...we don't need their bloody drugwarbucks!

OK, americans, you have your own country and your own citizens to opress. please leave ours alone.... "The drug war is over. Drugs won."

This is outrageous... i really hope canada doesn't take any s**t from the US, although traditionally we usually go along with just about anything the US wants.. Here's to marijuana legalization in canada!!

OOhhhhh scary whats the US gonna do put tariffs on our lumber. F*$k them the earlier we legalize the sooner they will have to follow. CDN govn't get a F$%kn backbone and stick it to em for once otherwise we may as well be the 51 state.

no tarriff marijuana stores pot cafes at each canadian border crossing



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