ABC's A War on Drugs, A War on Ourselves with John Stossel


ABC's John Stossel does an excellent mainstream expose on the complete failure of America's War on Drugs, and the problems that it causes both at home and in foriegn countries. Not to be missed.
Thanks to video-pirates Flash and Jill Gordon for the Pot TV Copy.


Wow! I never thought ABC would go so "liberal" on drugs! Amazing show, something viewers should show to their friends and family.

Finally! I wanted to see this. I hope this helped at least one american get a clue.

Great show. There need to be more courageous journalist like John in the mainstream media.

WOW! I'm looking for the "spin", I can't see it. I want to say "bravo John", I'm stunned.

This was a awesome show when it firsted aired. We need more media coverage like this. Thanks Flash and Jill for the copy. Kgbud1

We need more honest reporting like this here in the USA. How can our polititions be so blind, stupid and greedy. Mostly greed. Everyone here knows this is about money and that is unfortunately what our government is about.

Finally!! What the US doesn't seem to realize is that no matter how long you tell a lie or how often...It's still a lie. Maybe these numbnuts will get a clue.Smoke in peace. live in peace

This Program should be a wake up call to all polititians.

ALERT: Write a handwritten thank you to ABC News at: David Westin, President ABC News 47 west 66th Street, New York NY 10023

Best report yet, John. I have been a fan for years- thanks for the honesty.

Excellent report. But we are going to need a lot more coverage before the government even pays any mind. Then hopefully something will get done.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutly" Our federal government is addicted to the "war on drugs" Why? Many reasons they prosecute, fine, inprison, give like minded morralist jobs, and steal users property.I love my country but im ashamed of my government.

Incredibly powerful, John you should host the next film festival at the tokers bowl 2!

good job guys....we need to make drugs legal...its the only way...i mean..if we can buy beer ... why not weed? beer has caused a lot more problems then any thing...cause some ppl are just to violent with that sh| ways..i would love to know more...

Good show....well maybe not all drugs need to be legal but at least pot! it is the best thing to do and best way to save money! Stossle kinda 'punked' the dea people when askin questions, i was laughin my ass off! its tight check it out!

Asa looks like an evil used car salesman when answering the questions.!

Attaboy John The only real dope on the show was the dea.

Fuck america they think they r freedom but people cant even smoke a joint.

Any one here hates the american laws on pot if u have aol instant messanger thenim me at pimpstimbs

BRAVO!!!!! encore! i saw this show when it aired but i had to watch it again. the truth shall be known! give us more mr. stossle, please?

That was a great show, the war on drugs is USELESS.

WoW What a show. Shure looks like the the Dea is trying to hide behind thair lies

Great show. Next is our main stream media news. Get them to tell the truth on this war and soon it will be over!!!!

Great show, Still a big problem with the internet connection. Your site is the only site on the net that My computer loses conection with. Every time I watch something. Is the DEA scrambling your transmissions? Ya OK I'm paranoid!

Whats up people!

Bravo! We will use this report in Colorado as part of the ammunition to bring down Bill Owens. Vote Libertarian!!!

This is the first place that I've been to that correctly uses streaming media.

I couldn't agree more it is a war against ourselves and we're paying for it with our taxes.



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