Marijuana Man: So, You Wanna Grow Pot? #7

Marijuana Man talks about oxygen, co2 and Mother Plants well sampling from 12 different strains of marvelous marijuana.


ryan is a homo

Yee-freaking-hah! Thanks MM, GREAT SHOW!!!

Good show. p.s.....your tits look great in that shirt, dude!

I respect you MM. A little less now that I've seen the petty insulting side of you. But thanks for the great info nonetheless, it was a good show in the informative parts. Surprised to see you sink down and feed the machine, retaliation is a weak hobby :)

This isn't a democracy? Last time I checked that wasn't up to you :) The internet is a democracy, regardless of your "Mark pays we play" concept. You are not the center of the universe yet MM, be patient though you're getting there. :) Bad rant, good info

you're both idiots. ryan first and then you second, but you're defintely both idiots. grow up would you?

I hope someone beaqts your old dumbass you idiot

the holier than thou stuff is hysterical. you guys slag and insult as much as the people you deride and claim superiority to. even a pot tv host, t morgan talked about your camera shooting techniques. off comments/criticism is part of the fame u seek.

WOW a negative comment from Redeye Burnsting 8*)_~: that's a first that I've seen. He's right though. As for T. Morgan, it's thanks to idiots like him that PotTV gets a number two ranking at Google for things like "Johnny Horton I hate niggers"

T. Morgan, thanks to his idiot ass POT-TV has a #2 ranking at Google for Johnny Horton's song "I Hate Niggers" he's the biggest idiot of them all

WOW, a negative comment from Redeye Burnsting 8*)_~: ? That's a first I've seen. I still love you MM but lay off the reindeer games would you? :) As for Tommy Morgan and the above link, that says it all. He has no place here or anywhere else.

there was a time when you could compliment someone without being villified. cici has great tits, a great mind, and a great personality. MM on the other hand looks completely sagged out and wrinkly if you ask me, that's probably why he's so bitchy lately.

Great show. I

MM, you said you wonder what a person who goes online to post a bunch of stupid negative shit is like? Look in a mirror. What a bunch of petty stupidity you consume your time and energy with. Lay off the schwag, get some proper sativa, and gro the hell up

i just went back and read the post already on this show .. jesus fucking christ .. i take back my previous statement. you should delete posts.

I liked the parts of the show that dealt with growing but I don't care for the feud. How about put your bickering at the end of the show next time, so people who like that sort of thing can watch it and the rest of us can bail after the good parts. :)

Yes 99.9% of us appreciate your efforts and enjoy your work, but not the btiching and whining. Ryan's a fool, so what? You combat his pleas for attention by giving him more air time? What does that make you? An ipso facto fool, and Ryan's new tool.

looks like 'ryan from northern cali' has won Pot-TV's official douche bag poster award. Congrats, dude. mm, thanks for keeping all your posts (most are f'in hilarious ...) show us your tits (just kidding)

I almost shit my pants about the "Ryan" skit! Keep up the good work MM, 99.9% of us appreciate your efforts!

ahh the t morgan issue again, i used to defend him but i'm tired of his nonsense, especially his pro-USA rants in chat. that link is just another nail in his coffin as far as i'm concerned. awesome show marijuana man, keep up the good work!!!

yah censor these idiots and just leave the good stuff up, great show mm, keep up the good work. nice buds. :)

I am such a fucking looser. I wish I lived in BC.

1. Great show 2. Grow up.

sorry mm, just one more rant and i swear nothing but bud comments from now on. The previous poster with the google link and all the morons who fell for it : the posts on p-tv (that google hit on) are from random idiots (like myself) and rarely censored.

thanks the the "idiot ass" poster THIS PAGE is now likely the #1 page on the same search. google on that.

hey towlie, thought you said you were going to shut up, that's 4 posts, take your own advice. great show as always mm.

KEWL!! #1!!! #1!!! POT_TV is #! on Google!!! Yay, #1. POT-TV is #1, YAY!!!#1!!! #1!!! POT_TV is #! on Google!!! Yay, #1. POT-TV is #1, YAY!!!#1!!! #1!!! POT_TV is #! on Google!!! Yay, #1. POT-TV is #1, YAY!!!

Hey towlie, check your facts. Tmorgan is on about how Johnny Horton is so great is an important part of history in his show. Slavery was important history too but I don't rejoice in it. Horton was an open racist as evidenced by his tune "Nigger Hatin' Me"

Yeah well T Morgan also asserts that U.S.A. doesn't cause any harm abroad and despite the hard facts seen here and elsewhere that Sally Hemings is a liar. Give him a break he's from Oklahoma :)

and elsewhere that Sally Hemings is a liar. Give him a break he's from Oklahoma :) It only takes one mouldy bud to ruin the kilo.



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