The 420 Lifestyle Show: The Throwback Episode

POT TV – WATCH as Carly Marley and BCbudgal feature some of Pot TV’s loved hosts and guests to discuss their younger years! Hear about us growing up, getting into weed, and starting our paths of activism. Featuring awesome guests like Jeremiah Vandermeer, Craig Ex, Bizzie Izzie, David Malmo-Levine, BossLyssa and Myles with his sister

Carly Marley Dabs on her Cheshire Cat Dab Rig

POT TV – WATCH Carly Marley smoke a big glob and to see this wicked piece by @blackbartglass – scooped from Cannabis Culture on Davie! If you like dabs and glass art be sure to watch The 420 Lifestyle Show every Monday at 4pm pt on Pot.TV!

Getting Lit at the Festival of Lights

POT TV – WATCH as Pot.TV’s Carly Marley & Jeremiah Vandermeer get high and explore through hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights in Vancouver, BC.

The 420 Lifestyle Show: Happy Holidaze!

POT TV – WATCH this festive episode of The 420 Lifestyle Show with Carly Marley & BCbudgal. They are joined by Jeremiah Vandermeer who explains the hidden drug history of Santa Claus.

The 420 Lifestyle Show – Keep It One Hundred

POT TV – WATCH The 420 Lifestyle Show to see hosts Carly Marley and BCbudgal attempt to smoke weed 100 times! Hear Jodie Emery share updates on the Cannabis Culture 5 court case as well as details about Cannabis Cultures’s Supreme Court intervention.