The 420 Lifestyle Show: Four More Daze!

POT TV – WATCH The 420 Lifestyle with Carly Marley & BCbudgal LIVE as we discuss this years April 20th festivities in Vancouver! 4/20 is almost here! We get high with Rhombus Plowers of Five Alarm Funk!

The 420 Lifestyle Show: Time for Justice!

POT TV – Tune in to The 420 Lifestyle with Carly Marley & Bcbudgal as they talk about issues faced by many members of the Indigenous community. Watch as we explore hemp solutions, flaws in Canada’s police and justice system, as well as joining communities together for a better future.

Carly Marley Dabs on her Cheshire Cat Dab Rig

POT TV – WATCH Carly Marley smoke a big glob and to see this wicked piece by @blackbartglass – scooped from Cannabis Culture on Davie! If you like dabs and glass art be sure to watch The 420 Lifestyle Show every Monday at 4pm pt on Pot.TV!