The Mernahuana Zone #238: Best Of 2015

POT TV – Best of The Mernahuana Zone 2015! We asked people their favorite moment from weekly webcast The Mernahuana Zone in 2015 and we received responses that demonstrated our audience doesn’t know what time it is. 

Good thing we have Alan announcing the 420 every hour.

A weekly show before a live studio audience is a challenge, but we managed to create approximately 150 hours or 6 full days worth of cannabis content in 2015. No wonder I have problems figuring out what our best of material is because there’s reams of material to review.

Even when dealing with terrible pain last winter – I didn’t think I’d be able to do three hour some nights – we had an amazing Tuesday every week. Not many people realize how hobbled I was last winter, but it was horrible. It took me all week just to recover from the previous week.

Clearly this year was about marijuana gaining political traction. Our new prime minister is moving quickly on legalization with the governor general announcing plans to legalize in an effort to restrict access. I told our viewers I wouldn’t believe the Liberals until such an action happened and it has.

Will 2016 end with cannabis being purchased or grown for personal use legally?

The Mernahuana Zone is live Tuesdays from 720-1020pm EST on Pot TV Network.

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