Oh, Cannabis Day! History from July 1rst

POT TV – Oh, Cannabis! A look at last year’s cannabis day events in Vancouver BC.

As there have been more than 200 dispensary raids since Justin Trudeau took office, and Licensed Producers are still steeped in cronyism and tightly limited, it’s important to remember how much progress has been made in a single year (and years past), and how much more needs to happen to get true cannabis legalization.

This July 1rst Cannabis Day events are planned across the country and proud stoners will be puffing all day long wherever they’re celebrating. Vancouver will host a cannabis farmer’s market, openly selling and consuming cannabis at Thornton Park from 12 to 7pm (PST), as well as speakers and music.  Stay tuned to Pot.TV and CCMagazineOnline for full coverage of the 2017 protest.