South African Cannabis Trial to Stream Live

POT TV – A South African couple fighting for cannabis access has won the right to stream their case online.

After being charged with possession and distribution of cannabis in 2010, a South African couple, Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, have taken a number of branches of the South African government to the Pretoria High Court, demanding access to cannabis. Their trial, however, has been delayed.

In a recent move, which caused protest from both the government and the added defendant party, Doctors For Life, the couple has won the right to stream their trial online, which was the cause of the delay. Originally barred from streaming the court proceedings, due to a lack of media licensing, the couple argued successfully that being unable to broadcast their case infringed on their freedom of expression.

Doctors For Life, a South African NGO rooted in “the sanctity of life from fertilization till death,” joined the government to fight the couple’s access to “dagga,” arguing against whole-plant medicine in favor of continued study of cannabinoid isolates.

The trial is set to resume this week.