EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ed ‘NJ Weedman’ Forchion from jail

POT TV – EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ed ‘NJ Weedman’ Forchion from jail.

Longtime cannabis activist Ed Forchion is no stranger to the American legal system. Having fought numerous cases defending his right to use, possess and distribute cannabis, often advocating jury nullification, Ed’s current trial is destined for drug war history, and should serve as a cautionary tale for any medical marijuana patient.

In a tale of informants, entrapment, algorithms, and his own lawyer switching sides mid-trial, New Jersey’s “Weedman” is proof that over seven years after medical marijuana legislation was enacted in the state, patients are still at odds with prohibitionist machinery.

Hear PotTV’s exclusive interview with Ed from jail, and follow his case on Facebook and through the Oath Accountability Project. Thanks to Steve Lamore for providing original music.

Photo courtesy of VICE media