Comedian Demar Randy on The High Tonight Show

POT TV – Episode 11 of The High Tonight Show with guests Demar Randy, Teresa Westbrook and Jawn Star.

Comedian and CEO of Compton College, Demar Randy, made an appearance on The High Tonight Show, riffing on Trump, Obama, drug policy and starting his own company.

After his appearance, Demar spoke to Pot TV about comedy, the drug war, and the shifting Los Angeles textile industry.  “I don’t consider myself to be a mainstream comic and this show isn’t mainstream. I thought it was a great idea and I love Victor and Brandon, so I was just working with friends.” Demar said.

When asked about navigating the fashion industry, Demar laughed at unexpected problems. “Protecting Compton College from over-commercialzation wasn’t a problem I expected.” He continued, “creating a supply line that saved capitol was key.”

California, like other states, has had an uneven time not incorporating black market players into the newly legal cannabis industry, sometimes segregating those with prior convictions. Even with some amnesty programs, the fall-out of a half-sorted drug war is still heavy, and not restricted to cannabis. On the topic of an unevenly restricted legal market compared to an illegal market, Demar commented, “I think it was better when it was illegal, at least black men could make money off it. Now you gotta sell hard drugs on the street to make any money, for those that are just trying to make a little money to feed their daughters.”