Bruce Linton Discusses Canopy Growth in Oakland

POT TV – GreenFlower caught Bruce Linton in Oakland discussing Canopy Growth.

Bruce Linton begins on a strange note, the head of a billion dollar cannabis company being stressed and upset, as if his own product didn’t exist.

What certainly exists is Bruce’s vision for Canopy Growth, and his quest for debt. In all areas Linton’s thinking is motivated by choking everyone around him. Whether discussing how ‘debt subordinating all equity’ can be used to swallow his craft partners in Rivers, or why he selects his team based on their mortgages and family obligations, Linton seems bent on using everything as leverage. His insistence on rules and structure chisels his values into place.

His definition of “winning,” however, is shapeless, and, seemingly, heartless. At one point Linton remarks, “either you’re winning or learning.” If lessons only come through loss, and victory lacks learning, then “winning” is thoughtless and always at the expense of others.