Marijuana Dispensary Owner Plans to Stay in Business After Police Raid

POT TV – The Leader Post spoke to a dispensary owner who plans to stay in business after a recent raid, and a protest of continued prohibition.

The Regina Police Department raided multiple dispensaries this past week, leaving medical patients scrambling to find quick access to medicine.

Regina Police Chief, Evan Bray, offered a continuation of nonsensical reasoning for raids “It’s about keeping the public safe.”

Despite an increase in dangerous drugs inside police and corrections custody, Bray did not explain how an inability to prohibit drugs while people are caged is possible when they’re free. Or why an attempt to do so is needed in the first place.

Medical patients, he suggested, had plenty of access via mail order services, as if prescription-holding citizens in need should be denied urgent over-the-counter health services, medicine and consultation. Who is being protected from easy access to safe medicine?

A protest has been planned for Friday April 6th, in front of police headquarters, 4pm local time.