Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Countdown to 4/20 2018

POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE every Friday at 4PM PT on Pot TV. Today on the show: Countdown to 4/20 2018!

Vancouver’s April 20th celebration is only one week away! The day 4/20 was invented by activists at Cannabis Culture in Vancouver 24 years ago. We discuss the history and future of Vancouver famous protest and farmers market.

We speak to David Malmo-Levine about 420 history, and dispelling marijuana myths with

Also: Cody Vangogh shows off this year’s special 420 joint.

Also: Creed Taylor discusses the entertainment for Vancouver’s 2018 420.

Also: Dana Larsen talks about the importance of 420, managing the logistics of a large cannabis rally, and offers great lessons for other event organizers.