420 Flashback 2013

POT TV – Get ready for 420 2018 by taking a look back at 420 protests from years past.

Vancouver BC’s annual 420 protest is the longest-running protestival of its kind, drawing more and more attention each year. Take a look back at how a gathering of less than 100 people protesting prohibition turned into hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating globally.

As the Liberal Party of Canada continues its push towards a prohibition-style fakelegalization, and many law makers appear still clueless about cannabis, it’s more important now than ever to make your voice heard and ask the right questions.

If cannabis is going to be legal in Canada, why have over 330 dispensaries been raided since Prime Minister Trudeau took office?

Why will people still be going to prison for pot if Bill C45 passes?

Does the government understand the history of cannabis in Canada, or in the world? Have they listened to citizens?

Why are public officials cashing in on cannabis while blocking small players?

Celebrate and protest in Vancouver this year, or in your home town.

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