The 420 Lifestyle Show: Let’s Get High in a SeC

POT TV – WATCH The 420 Lifestyle Show with Carly Marley & BCbudgal LIVE at 4pm pt on Pot.TV! This week we enjoy some delicious edibles with Product by SeC!

We have the milligram counter going. How much THC do you think these girls can eat?

TUNE IN to find out!

We are joined by SeC, Bizzie Izzie, an incredibly talented glass artist, and a few surprise guests.

We go LIVE every Monday at 4pm pt on Pot.TV!

WARNING! We eat a dangerous amounts of edibles!!!

Do not attempt … (unless a room full of people and a dog show up).

No animals were harmed. No law were followed.

What’s the absolute worst thing that could happen?

Tune in next week to see if we survive.