Dicking Around With Edibles: The 420 Lifestyle Show

POT TV – The 420 Lifestyle Show stands up to the challenge when SeC whips out a gummie surprise.

Nothing makes a prohibitionist swell to full size quite like edibles. The moaning and groaning is enough to keep you up at night. “They’re too big and strong to take!” And, “think about the kids!”

Is a 345mg penis-shaped THC gummie really for kids? Do we really need police to prevent people from jamming those in their mouths?

Dicking around aside, why does cannabis get such harsh treatment as a recreational mature novelty when it’s far safer than almost any other adults-only activity? Why does the intent of recreation negate any additional positive medical benefits of consuming cannabis? Why is the state allowed to dictate your personal chemical expressions and interactions, romantic or otherwise?

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