Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Marijuana Dispensaries Under Fire

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Today on the show: Dispensaries under fire.

Jeremiah is joined by co-host, Johnny B.

Also: Opus discusses impaired driving.

Also: Craig X hypes the Prairie Harvest Cup.

Also: Dana Larsen brings us up to date on opiate substitution raids, CAMCD, medical access.

Also: Spicoli blasts the mini-Love Canon.

Also: The Kush Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.


Legal questions raised about marijuana test

Study finds pot can help hard drug users

City of Edmonton considers new rules for tobacco, marijuana smoking after gathering public feedback

Disconnect between tenants, landlords over pot

Official: Lifetime ban for working in pot industry

Marijuana proximity: The farther away from Ontario schools, the less space for stores

PM: Personal cultivation should be allowed

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