The 420 Lifestyle Show: What’s Going on in the World of Weed?

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Show Notes:

Vape cartridges

House explosion

Governor-elect Whitmer will consider pardons for marijuana offenders

Snoop Dogg takes on Trump, again, and lights a blunt in front of the White House

Prohibition 2.0: Did Canada’s Legalization Merely Change What the War on Cannabis Looks Like?

Cannabis producers defend themselves after 12 store closures

Montreal Police Will Spend An Extra $5,000,000 Next Year To Hunt Illegal Marijuana Dealers And Buyers

It’s Official, The SQDC Is The Most Hated Cannabis Store In Canada

Weed activist Marc Emery is set to protest Quebec’s restrictive cannabis laws

‘Prince of Pot’ tries to get busted for selling banned merchandise in Montreal

Canada’s cannabis law is making things weird for people who sell pot paraphernalia

Judge calls Toronto cop who ate marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in raid a ‘complete idiot’

23-year-old Calgary driver gets West Vancouver’s first cannabis ticket

‘I told them the truth’: Worker says job offer taken away over medical cannabis prescription

Staten Island declares November 9th “Wu-Tang Clan Day”

An 18-Year-Old Said She Was Raped While In Police Custody. The Officers Say She Consented

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