QCM: Aphria Short Presentation

POT TV – Quintessential Capital Management‘s presentation on Aphria’s holdings.

What does a $30 million dollar drug store have in common with empty office space and a series of shell companies? The same legal Canadian licensed producer of cannabis, Aphria.

Gabriel Grego from QCM raised important questions about Aphria’s current stock value, and much more, in a recent presentation. Grego claimed Aphria’s current valuation is greatly inflated and built on a series of shell companies. Their Jamaican holdings, Marigold, for example, are claimed to have been purchased for $145 million USD, but trace back to an abandoned building.

The obvious over-valuing and hype of licensed producers, and shady publicly traded companies, is no secret and no joke. The government’s continued reefer madness approach to cannabis regulation protects predatory and unstable legal industry actors at the expense of the sick.