CBC The National: Vancouver Mayor Wants Pot Shops Closed

POT TV – CBC’s The National spoke with Jodie Emery about an attempt to close over a dozen dispensaries in Vancouver, BC.

“The jig is up.” Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart told the CBC.

Insisting that unlicensed dispensary owners simply ‘get licenses,’ Stewart was left unchallenged by the CBC about the obvious questions.

1) Why are Vancouver’s dispensary licenses so restrictive? Liquor licenses are less than $200, but pot shop applicants are expected to pay over $30,000.00, along with a host of other considerations designed under prohibition, like restrictions on ATMs and spacing. Cannabis is both legal, and safe, and yet being zoned like a dangerous substance.

2) If there’s no safer alternative to alcohol and street drugs than cannabis, why close 26 dispensaries during the worst overdose epidemic in the country’s history? Studies consistently show cannabis saves lives. Cannabis substitution projects save lives. Dispensaries lower overdoses. Dispensaries lower crime.

3) If each dispensary has an average of 10 employees, does it make sense to throw 260 people out of work during the worst housing crisis in the city’s history?

4) If legal stores can’t or don’t provide medicine people rely on, why should medical patients suffer needlessly?

Original broadcast date: December 16th, 2018.