Cannabis Culture News LIVE: The Failures of Canada’s Cannabis Cash Grab

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Today on the show: The Failures of Canada’s Cannabis Cash Grab.

And: Mr Cookie inspects the fire.

And: 420 Vancouver!

And: A look at some new legal weed.

And: CTV News reports on retail, pardons and more.

And: Mobile testing.

And: Fresh Live Resin and Hash.

And: Alberta and Saskatchewan stores.

And: 420 Across Canada.

And: Neil Magnuson and the Cannabis Substitution Project.

And: Global Marijuana March.

And: Carly Marley on heady glass.

And: Landlord stop by.

Show notes:

CTV – Cannabis retail in Alberta

CTV – Cannabis tax revenue in Saskatchewan

CTV – Cannabis criminal record clearing

CTV – Why are government pardons so limited?

Pot Brownies at care home

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