Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Legal Weed Sucks

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Today on the show: Legal weed sucks.

And: Edible regulations chewed over.

And: We found the good legal weed, but you have to be sick to grow it, and everyone knows it.

And: Mr Cookie offers fire inspector approved gardening tips.

And: Neil Magnuson preps Cannabis Substitution Project joints.

And: Carly Marley brings fruitful fun, thanks to Products by Sec.

And: Craig Ex isn’t impressed by legal weed.

And: Dollface drops by.

Show Notes:

Bloomberg – Low-quality cannabis driving consumers back into black market: Industry consultant

Global – St. Thomas police issue warning after seizing potent gummy worm edibles from high schooler

Medicated Jelly Beans

Vancouver 420 – Weed Day 2016 (HD 4K)

ButchNews – 2016 420 Vancouver Marijuana market and party at Sunset Beach

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